Pollution from shale gas development is a direct threat to our air, water, climate, and health. Our communities deserve long-term, clean, resilient solutions.

Energy Justice: Shale Initiative brings young organizers to the shalefields of Pennsylvania seeking a just transition to a waste free, emission free energy future.

Energy Justice Shale Convergence 2

Narrative of the Shalefield Tour – Energy Justice Shale Convergence

  Shalefield Tour [March 14, 2015] As we left camp, there is a┬ámajor gathering pipeline right of way that is clear-cut going east to west connecting well pads that host multiple wells per pad. The pipeline is buried underground, which requires trenching through sensitive wetlands and streams. The right of way is also 100 feet wide, but pipeline right of… Read more →

US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendment V, "nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

Constitution Pipeline Threatening 7 PA Landowners With Un-Constitutional Eminent Domain

Yesterday, we accompanied Susquehanna County, PA landowners to the hearing on “quick take” eminent domain condemnation Constitution Pipeline is seeking against them. The pipeline company is a joint partnership led by Williams Partners LLC, also owner of the proposed Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline in Pennsylvania. Partners in the project include Cabot Oil & Gas and Washington Gas & Light. Constitution Pipeline… Read more →