Pollution from shale gas development is a direct threat to our air, water, climate, and health. Our communities deserve long-term, clean, resilient solutions.

Energy Justice: Shale Initiative brings young organizers to the shalefields of Pennsylvania seeking a just transition to a waste free, emission free energy future.

Lee Clark

Story Time With The New Guy

I figured I owe everyone some background about myself being a new member with EJN. Well, I’m Lee and I find that it’s a bit funny how my story seems to start and end on some type of battle ground. Growing up in the desolate land they call Cameron County, I managed to culminate a very similar childhood to most… Read more →

US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendment V, "nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

Constitution Pipeline Threatening 7 PA Landowners With Un-Constitutional Eminent Domain

Yesterday, we accompanied Susquehanna County, PA landowners to the hearing on “quick take” eminent domain condemnation Constitution Pipeline is seeking against them. The pipeline company is a joint partnership led by Williams Partners LLC, also owner of the proposed Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline in Pennsylvania. Partners in the project include Cabot Oil & Gas and Washington Gas & Light. Constitution Pipeline… Read more →