Pollution from shale gas development is a direct threat to our air, water, climate, and health. Our communities deserve long-term, clean, resilient solutions.

Energy Justice: Shale Initiative brings young organizers to the shalefields of Pennsylvania seeking a just transition to a waste free, emission free energy future.

Join Us! 2015 Fellowship & Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities Energy Justice: Shale Initiative organizes with community leaders to stop specific gas projects, generate media content, research environmental and socioeconomic impacts, engage with students and other outside constituencies, conduct water and air quality monitoring, and support the direct needs of communities on the frontlines of shale gas extraction. We have volunteer opportunities at our house in Susquehanna County,… Read more →

We offer tours of drilling, fracking, compressor stations, power plant construction, waste facilities, and other nearby gas infrastructure.

Energy Justice: Shale Initiative & Sierra Club Outing in NEPA

    On a chilly autumn weekend, members of several environmental groups came to the shalefields of Montrose, Pennsylvania to learn more about the process of drilling and “fracking” for shale gas and to explore the region to discover what sacrifices are being made to make way for this extreme energy extraction. They joined Energy Justice: Shale Initiative (EJSI) and… Read more →


Rise Together Week of Action

From August 16th to August 24th students, organizers, activists, and movement-builders alike joined forces to form the Rise Together week of action. Highlighting the climate change and exploitation problems we are seeing with natural gas, coal, and oil, this week included actions of all varieties in locations all across the United States, fighting the expansion of extreme fossil fuel extraction.… Read more →


People’s Public Hearing on the Milford Compressor Station

Last night Energy Justice Summer headed east to Milford, a small town in Pike County in northeast Pennsylvania. The reason? Nothing big — only tons of Milford residents turning out to say NO to a proposed compressor station expansion. Energy Justice Summer has been supporting the efforts of No Milford Compressor Station Expansion, a community group in Milford, PA, working… Read more →