About the Convergence

Energy Justice Shale Convergence

March 13-March 16, 2015


What is It?

Energy Justice Shale Initiative invites students, environmental and social justice organizations, and surrounding community members to rural northeast Pennsylvania to build relationships across our movement  for a just transition to a clean energy future.


  • Understand the life cycle of shale gas, from cradle to grave
  • See shale gas extraction and infrastructure first hand and hear from impacted residents in the shalefields
  • Learn about the long history of resistance in northeast PA
  • Gain valuable organizing skills
  • Connect with local campaigns and projects
  • Build the local and regional movement against shale gas extraction

Tentative Schedule


Accommodations are made at a local camp and include indoor heated space with beds and mattresses. Other sleeping arrangements may be available upon request.

Register Now:

Registration can be found here. We will not turn anyone away for lack of funds! It will cost us about $15 per person, per day for meals, materials, and lodging. We are asking for a sliding-scale registration fee of between $15 and $100, based on what you can afford. If you can pay more, you cover the cost of someone who can’t. Once registered, we will send you event details and directions to the camp.

We Need Your Help!

Help us recruit students and other interested folks from your campus or community group to attend. You can help by sharing our facebook event and distributing outreach material. Download the event flyer here!

Donate here if you can’t attend!

Interested in helping during the Convergence ? We need help with food prep and registration, if so, please e-mail Join-EJSI@googlegroups.com


Email: Join-EJSI@googlegroups.com or call us at 570-281-2215

*Shalefield Justice Spring Break ends Friday morning (March 13th) allowing those interested to caravan to Susquehanna County for the Convergence. Shalefield Justice Spring Break will be taking place March 6-13th near State College, PA. For more information go here.

We hope to see you in March at the Convergence!