About Us

Energy Justice Shale Initiative (EJSI) is a project of Energy Justice Network, a grassroots organization dedicated to advancing environmental justice. EJSI is a permanent organizing hub in the shalefields of northeast Pennsylvania, empowering young people to work directly with residents impacted by shale gas extraction and its related infrastructure while also helping communities transition to a just energy future. We campaign against specific, and strategic gas infrastructure projects, convene organizing trainings for students and community leaders, and share the stories of impacted residents through creative media.

Northeast Pennsylvania is a region engulfed in issues of rural poverty, where mainstream environmental groups have been absent and support is needed. The region is the most densely developed area of the Marcellus Shale: in Susquehanna County alone more than 680 fracked wells have been drilled since 2008.

But community resistance is growing — given the right support, resident activists are changing the course of the fossil fuel age. At the same time, a student movement to divest from fossil fuels and build power through strategic direct action has blossomed. Young people are winning this fight through rapid growth in campus divestment campaigns and civil disobedience in places of fossil fuel production. We are reminding this destructive industry that we have no place in our future for their polluting business-as-usual practices.

We are bringing these narratives together by convening frontline residents in Pennsylvania and student organizers to build lasting relationships, show solidarity, and set achievable goals for the future.