Adam Hasz

Adam Hasz


Updates from Energy Justice Summer after Week 1

It’s been an exciting first week for Energy Justice Summer. We moved in June 1, and since have been hard at work setting up our research, outreach, and organizing programs. We currently have seven resident organizers in the Energy Justice Summer house. From left to right is Sarita, Allison, Collin, Spencer, Adam, and Maria. Alex Lotorto, the seventh organizer, took… Read more →


This summer, I’m joining the movement for Energy Justice.

Imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and achieve their full potential. A society where all people have access to sustainable energy and have met their basic human needs. A civilization in global ecological balance. This is the future I seek: a thriving, just, and sustainable world. Now look at the world in which we live. Mental… Read more →


Fighting Fracking by pushing the PA candidates for Governor

On Monday, our friend Liz Arnold interrupted the final PA Governor’s Debate to ask the candidates to address the question of fracking in Pennsylvania. The PA state Democratic party platform supports a moratorium on fracking, yet all four of the Democratic candidates for governor still do not acknowledge the health and climate consequences of natural gas extraction. The interruption did… Read more →

Fracking site in Pennsylvania

Methane Leakage and Climate Impacts

Yesterday, Cornell climate scientists Bob Howarth and Tony Ingraffea presented an update on the climate science of methane. Their conclusions are stark: given the short timeline to act on climate, we can’t just regulate fracking. To prevent climate tipping points, we need to stop fracking completely. The scientists’ conclusions include: 1) The EPA is underestimating the short-term warming of methane… Read more →

Energy Justice Summer team

Introducing Energy Justice Summer

We’re working in solidarity with communities on the frontlines of fracking. We are young organizers who care deeply about social justice and human rights. We seek a world where everyone has access to sustainable energy and no one suffers unjustly because of our fossil fuel economy. We believe that fracking presents a grave threat to people everywhere, especially those on… Read more →