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 To Our Friends And Family,

We are writing to you as both residents and the appellants challenging the PA Department of Environmental Protection air quality plan approvals of the Milford and Easton Compressor Stations.

In order to proceed with technical settlement negotiations and a full legal challenge in front of the PA Environmental Hearing Board, we must raise tax-deductible donations to retain and pay William Cluck Esq. as our attorney. All funds raised through this drive are tax-deductible and will be handled by Energy Justice Network, a project of Action Center, Inc (EIN 30-0246999).

    Milford and Easton Compressor Station Facts: Both compressors are part of the Columbia Pipeline East Side Expansion Project and would pressurize gas traveling from the Marcellus Shale in northeast Pennsylvania south to the Cove Point Liquefied Natural Gas Export Terminal in Lusby, MD, where the gas is contracted to be shipped overseas. The air emissions and hazards presented by the station are unacceptable and egregious.

While many of the appellants still believe that there is no need for the Milford or Easton Compressor Stations, the site preparation by the company has already begun. If our appeal is unable to completely stop construction, we are seeking four remedies through our settlement negotiations that would minimize emissions and emergency management risks.

  • Electric Motors: We are proposing that electric motors be used instead of combustion to eliminate exhaust.
  • Blowdown Gas Re-injection: We propose that the blowdowns of raw gas during maintenance periods be routed into the interconnected Tennessee Pipeline instead of vented into the ambient air.
  • Vapor Recovery Units: We are proposing that vapor recovery units (VRUs) be used on all storage vessels containing volatile organic compounds.
  • Emergency Management Plan: Finally, we are proposing that the company design an emergency management plan, evacuation route for residents living in proximity to the facility, and implement a practice drill with local emergency services.

Our Attorney: William Cluck Esq. is a renowned and commended environmental law attorney based in Harrisburg with experience practicing in front of the Environmental Hearing Board. He was recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Environmental and Energy Law Section as the best attorney for our case.

The scope of Mr. Cluck’s representation will be to review the appeal and the administrative record, research best available technology guidance, and attend settlement conferences.  If we do not settle, Mr. Cluck would conduct discovery and assist the group in responding to discovery likely to be served by both DEP and Columbia Gas Transmission LLC. If we intend to go to a hearing, a pre-hearing memorandum must be filed, as well as a post hearing memo.

Mr. Cluck requests a retainer of $2,500 for the Easton Compressor appeal in addition to $5,000 raised for Milford’s appeal, which is already filed. Our goal is to combine both EHB dockets into a single case, but that can only happen after the Easton appeal is filed. Mr. Cluck will bill his time against the retainer. If the retainer is depleted, additional financial resources will be needed to pursue the appeal.

Status of Our Appeal: Alex Lotorto, Shale Gas Program Coordinator for Energy Justice Network and one of the Milford appellants, filed the Milford Compressor’s Notice of Appeal. The appeal, with amendments and appendices, totals over 400 pages of arguments and technical documentation. The company, Columbia Gas Transmission LLC, sought representation from a powerful law firm in Chicago to respond to our filing. Technical settlement negotiations are ongoing.

The Easton Compressor appeal must be filed by May 20th and we need to raise $2,500 for Bill Cluck to file it.

  Please Donate: With your gracious support, we will be able to pursue the remedies that will best protect the communities downwind from the Milford and Easton Compressor Station. In addition, all future host communities where the shale gas industry seeks to build infrastructure, will benefit from the findings and discovery in our case.
Donations by check can be made directly to “Energy Justice Network” and sent to 1434 Elbridge St Philadelphia PA 19149.