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The Gerhart family needs your support! Please call District Attorney David Smith and urge him to drop the criminal charges. Also, please share this page and donate if you can using the button below.

Landowners fight Sunoco's Mariner II Pipeline

Gerhart Couthouse Rally

Elise Gerhart surveys the clearcut of her family's land.

Elise Gerhart's tree stand in Sunoco's path.

Elise Gerhart is in a tree stand preventing the last of her family's trees from being cut down.

Elise & Ellen Gerhart


ACTION: Please call the Huntingdon County District Attorney’s office and urge D.A. David Smith to drop criminal and contempt charges against Elise and Ellen Gerhart, as well as three supporters, who were within their rights to be on the Gerhart property when arrested during tree cutting. If the charges aren’t dropped this week, we will be forced to prepare for a criminal trial. Phone: (814) 643-5371

ABOUT: Sunoco Logistics cut down three acres of trees on the Gerhart family’s Huntingdon County property to make way for its Mariner East 2 pipeline project, with construction slated for this summer. However, the landowners have put up a hell of a fight against tree clearing [Read More].

As court dates loom for five individuals, including Ellen and Elise Gerhart, charged with impeding the tree cutting, the family attorney is fighting against eminent domain condemnation in Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court.

The Gerhart family is opposed to Sunoco’s attempted taking of their land and has not agreed to any settlement with the company. Not only is Sunoco lacking necessary water-crossing and erosion permits from state regulators, its claims to eminent domain are under challenge in counties across Pennsylvania. This pipeline would devastate the land the Gerhart family has preserved for decades.

Energy Justice Network is fiscally sponsoring a fund for supplies, legal expenses, and costs associated with challenging and monitoring Sunoco’s Mariner 2 Pipeline construction for environmental and safety violations.

Urgently, in order to defend the Gerhart family successfully in court and on the land, there are legal and logistical costs.

We are a 501c3 non-profit (Action Center Inc.) and donations are tax-deductible*. To read more about the issue and to find out how you can get more involved, go to this Facebook page.

*Note: landowners benefitting from the legal funds are not eligible for a tax deduction