EJS Campaign Success: Crowdfunding Scott Ely’s Hydrologist

Hi all,

I wanted to give a quick update on the great success of one of our first official EJS campaigns – raising money for Scott Ely’s federal court case against Cabot Oil & Gas. Scott needed to raise funds to compensate expert hydrologist Paul Rubin for the studies he contributed, and move forward with his case against Cabot with strong, expert confirmation of his arguments about the hydrology and geology of the region.

Within three days, the crowdfunding campaign reached and surpassed its goal! We’re currently at $1,960 and 33 donors, with a goal of just $1,500.

Big thanks to all for their help on this campaign. Especially to Vera and Scott for their video and camera work, Alex and others for putting together the Indiegogo campaign, and everyone for helping spread the news.

The fracking community really came together and helped out on this one. Our meme was a huge hit online, getting major traction even before it was shared on the Gasland page yesterday, and even more hits since. We’re at 370 shares and climbing, with over 28,400 views of the meme. Thanks to everyone for leveraging their contacts and getting this out there.


So all told, fantastic work on this one. We’ve got plenty more to keep us busy. But this is a great example of the good we can accomplish this summer – let’s keep it up.