Introducing Energy Justice Summer

We’re working in solidarity with communities on the frontlines of fracking.

We are young organizers who care deeply about social justice and human rights. We seek a world where everyone has access to sustainable energy and no one suffers unjustly because of our fossil fuel economy. We believe that fracking presents a grave threat to people everywhere, especially those on the frontlines of extraction. To create a just energy future, we must stop fracking.

This summer, SustainUS and Energy Justice Network are launching a joint project called “Energy Justice Summer” to work in solidarity communities directly impacted by fracking in Pennsylvania. Here’s what we have planned:

  • Community Workshops: We’ll host workshops with expert scientists to teach residents how to monitor the pollution impacts of fracking.
  • Student Trainings: We’ll convene students from the Northeast and prepare them to launch a campaign against fracking on campus this fall.
  • Impactful Research: We’ll analyze the violations of five gas companies, resulting in valuable materials for regulatory appeals and legal fights.
  • Creative Actions: We’ll support ongoing fights to stop the expansion of gas infrastructure, including the Cove Point LNG export terminal.

From the frontlines of fracking in Pennsylvania to the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, people are suffering and dying because of continued fossil fuel extraction. We need to show that fracking is unacceptable and that young people will stand in solidarity with the communities most impacted.

We need Energy Justice Summer. Join us to create a more just energy future.