Tentative Schedule

Below is a tentative agenda, subject to change. NOTE: Due to heavy rains forecast on Saturday morning, we have switched the workshop sessions to the morning and the shalefield tour to the afternoon.

Friday, March 13

3:00PM- 5:00 PM  Check-in

5:00PM- Icebreakers, Introductions, Goals for the Convergence


7:00PM- Shale Gas 101: Cradle to Grave: In this interactive presentation, we will explore the life cycle of shale gas covering raw materials, drilling, “fracking”, waste, pipelines, export terminals, power plants and more. We will invite those in the room who are impacted by each piece of infrastructure to briefly share their stories.

9:00PM – Campfire / Fireplace / Free Time

Saturday, March 14


8:30AM – Morning Announcements

9:00AM- 10:30AM- Workshop Session 1

  1. Working with Traditional Media: How to use press releases, media advisories, press kits, press conferences, and more to communicate effectively with reporters and traditional news outlets.
  2. Meeting Facilitation: How to keep your group on track during meetings, decision-making, disagreements, and conflicts. We will explore healthy and unhealthy group dynamics to ensure our work is effective and emotionally sustainable.

10:30AM – BREAK

10:45AM – 12:15PM Workshop Session 2

  1. Working with Social Media: How to boost your group’s success using social media, learn the best practices of Facebook, Twitter, and more. This workshop will focus on addicting an online audience to the stories you have to tell and how to turn Likes and re-Tweets into feet on the ground.
  2. Community Enforcement & Legal Strategies: Participants will explore an array of legal strategies and issues pertaining to shale gas development including community monitoring projects, eminent domain, permit appeals, local ordinances, and more.

12:30PM - 4:30PM Shalefield Tour, a bag lunch will be provided. Please use restroom facilities and be on time to meet the bus


5:30PM - Dinner presentation, Mapping the Marcellus, an overview of shale gas mapping projects You Are Hear, NY and Energy Justice Map.

6:30PM - Issue Campaign Presentations – frontline organizers will present about their experience, followed by breakout conversations for further discussion.

  1. Transmission Pipelines – Learn about pipeline impacts and the struggle to stop the Atlantic Sunrise, Constitution, Tennessee, and Columbia Pipelines and related compressor stations.
  2. Defending Public Lands & Forests – Learn how public lands and forests are being sacrificed as shale gas projects continue to grow in the northeast. A combination of education, community organizing, ecological surveys, and action are more important now than ever.
  3. Gas-Fired Power Plants – Learn about communities’ struggle to stop gas-fired power plants in northeast Pennsylvania.
  4. Liquefied Natural Gas Export (LNG) Terminals – Learn about impacts and the struggle to stop the Cove Point LNG Export Terminal in Maryland and other proposals along the Atlantic Coast.
  5. Philadelphia Energy Hub - Southeast Pennsylvania organizers will present about oil trains, refineries, LNG, and Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) proposals in and around Philadelphia.

8:00PM – Breakout Groups

9:00PM - OPEN MIC / Free Time


Sunday, March 15

8:00AM - Interfaith Prayer & Reflection (optional) Please feel free to bring prayers, religious text, reflections, poems, or songs to offer.


10:00AMStrategy & Tactics for Winning Issue Campaigns - This workshop will cover the tools and analysis any organization needs to bring about social change through campus and community organizing. Exercises include mapping political opinion, choosing your steps and tactics, accounting for your resources, and role playing conversations with constituents, allies, and opponents.

12:00PM - LUNCH

1:00PM Strategy & Tactics for Winning Issue Campaigns (continued)

3:00PM - BREAK

3:30PM - A Just Transition: What It Means and How We Get There – What does a sound economy and resilient future without shale gas look like? Panelists will cover topics including green jobs in recycling and re-use industries (Institute for Local Self-Reliance), alternative energy sources (Energy Justice Network), sustainable agriculture (Endless Mountains Farm), and traditional rural heritage industries (Greg Lotorto, landscape architect & horticulturalist).


6:30PM – Dinner presentation, You Are Here, NY, a presentation of shale gas infrastructure maps and organizing throughout New York state.

7:30PM - FILM: “Save Riverdale”, the story of the Riverdale Mobile Home Park eviction. In the spring and summer of 2012, three gas industry firms partnered to purchase and evict a mobile home park in Jersey Shore, PA. The companies proposed a pump station to supply water to the gas industry. The residents and volunteers from surrounding areas teamed up to mount the struggle of their lifetimes to save the homes. Discussion will follow.

9:00PM - Free Time


Monday, March 16

8:00AM - Breakfast

9:00AM - Community Service

12:00PM - Bag Lunch

1:00PM - Closing, Clean Up


*Those interested can remain in the area for more in depth training and to volunteer with our current campaigns.