Updates from Energy Justice Summer after Week 1

It’s been an exciting first week for Energy Justice Summer. We moved in June 1, and since have been hard at work setting up our research, outreach, and organizing programs.

We currently have seven resident organizers in the Energy Justice Summer house. From left to right is Sarita, Allison, Collin, Spencer, Adam, and Maria. Alex Lotorto, the seventh organizer, took the picture.


We’ve been meeting with many local landowners and community organizers, recording their stories and learning how best we can support existing campaigns. One of these community organizers, Veera Scroggins (pictured above), has been a regular visitor to our house. We have also gotten the chance to tour and view existing gas infrastructure, including the drilling derrick below.

We will add more content up on our website, energyjusticesummer.org, over the next week. Make sure to check back soon for details! If you’re in the Northeast Pennsylvania area, we’re also having an open house this Friday from 4 pm – 10 pm. All are welcome!

We still need help spreading the word for our IndieGoGo campaign! If you’re interested in joining our Grassroots Fundraising Team, please email Adam at adam.hasz@sustainus.org.

Thanks for all of your continued support.

-Adam (on behalf of the whole Energy Justice Summer team)